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Expat Funeral Plan In Cyprus Or The UK

Expat Funeral Plan in Cyprus or the UK

Our improved Expat Funeral Plan offers a 12-month interest-free payment period & also £1,000 back to your estate if you opt for a simple cremation back in England

Some expats decide to return to the UK during the latter days of their life. That’s why we have improved our Expat Funeral Plan to offer flexibility to those expats who decide to return to the UK as well as those who choose to stay in Cyprus.

How does our Expat Funeral Plan work?

The plan costs £3,340 and covers a burial in either Cyprus or England. It can be paid for in instalments up to a period of 15 years**. Plan holders who pass away in the UK and have a simple cremation will receive a refund of £1,000 to their estate. This reflects the lower cost of cremation compared with a burial. If a plan holder passes away outside of the UK, the plan works in the same way once the deceased has been repatriated. Repatriation is not included in this plan but can be provided at an extra cost.

If a cremation is desired in the UK, the deceased is collected and transferred to the crematorium, followed by the ashes being returned to a loved one. This option does not include a funeral service and as such is not suitable for anyone wanting some kind of send-off.

What’s included in our Expat Cremation Funeral Plan?

– Standard veneered coffin with name plate

– Transport the deceased to the crematorium*

– Ashes returned to a chosen person

– Cremation fee

What’s not included?

– A funeral service

– Repatriation

* if the collection distance is greater than 25 miles, the funeral director may charge for each additional mile at their standard rate.

Payment options

** You can pay for the plan in full, or in monthly instalments, up to a period of 180 months (15 years). If the repayment period is greater than one year, a 6.25% p.a. handling charge applies.

The Benefits of Maplebrook’s Expat Funeral Plan

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