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VIVA FM Radio Show – My Manfred Mann Story

VIVA FM radio show – my Manfred Mann story

I recounted this story during my live radio show on Friday 5 February. For those who may have missed some or all of the story, I’ll recap.

My sister-in-law Lynne (an ex-convent girl) appeared in the audience on Top of the Pops at the age of 15. If you watch the YouTube video below, you can see her fondling Paul Jones of Manfred Mann!

The clip of her fondling Paul Jones is often rebroadcasted, with a warning. A few years ago when it was first reshown, my brother called the production company requesting a copy of the programme recording. When they ascertained why he wanted a copy, they couldn’t believe it. Apparently they had spent weeks looking through old local paper records trying to see if a local paper had picked up on it at the time, as they wanted to invite her back to replicate it with Paul Jones 50 years later.

She did subsequently meet up with Paul, as seen in this photo!

Lynne with Paul Jones 50 years after their encounter on Top of the Pops

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