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Expat Funeral Plan in Cyprus or the UK

Our improved expat funeral plan offers a 12-month interest-free payment period & also £1,000 back to your estate if you opt for a simple cremation back in England. Click to read more.
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Law Society urges people to include digital assets in Wills

Overlooking the inclusion of digital assets in a Will could potentially create additional stress for loved ones during probate.
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VIVA FM radio show – my Manfred Mann story

Read the story I shared with listeners on my live radio show and watch the video for a trip down memory lane!
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Revocation of a Will

Revocation of a Will – Wills Act 1837

A Will is revoked by destruction, by the burning, tearing or otherwise destroying of the Will by the testator, or by some other person in his presence by his direction with the testator having the intention of revoking it.
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Refer a friend and get a €25 thank you!

Recommend us to a friend and get €25 as a thank you from us, and a €25 discount for them when they use our services.
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Deathly humour: jokes from a Will Writer

Death is no joke, but as with most situations in life we can find an element of humour in the inevitable. We hope you enjoy our light-hearted humour section!
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