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First Crematorium in Cyprus Set to Start Operating Within Two Years

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

It was announced today that approval has been granted for the construction of a new cremation facility in Cyprus. The proposed site is located at Agia Varvara in Paphos, with an estimated budget of €2.2 million and a projected timeline of 18 – 24 months.

Although parliament passed a law regulating cremations back in 2016, no progress has been made in establishing such facilities until now. The church spoke out against the regulation of cremations when the law was initially passed, citing that it was contrary to the church’s wish to continue “preserving traditions”. The church considers burial sites as critical in giving relatives a place to visit departed loved ones.

Despite the traditional values held by the church, the demand for cremation facilities on the island has risen in recent years due to lack of cemetery plots and the expense of repatriation. Both expatriates and Cypriots seem to have welcomed the decision, which will open another option for people who are not inclined towards a burial for practical or personal reasons.

M.W. Crematorium Cyprus is in charge of the project which will see the construction of a two-storey conventional concrete and brick building, consisting of the following areas: ground floor - a main entrance with visitors’ waiting area, three staff offices, a kitchen, staff and visitor restrooms and a farewell area holding approximately 70 seats. Basement – a room for the receiving and preparation of bodies, refrigerators for the storage of bodies and an ash delivery office. The facility will also have its own parking area.


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