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Professional Landlord Planning

Do you have a property portfolio with four or more properties?

If so, you can:

  • Lower the 40% Inheritance Tax Rate to 0%

  • Decrease the 28% Capital Gains Tax to 0%

  • Reduce Stamp Duty to nil

Our three-stage approach to professional landlord planning explained:

Partnership (for at least 1 year)

If the properties are not held jointly with someone else, a partnership must be formed and formalised. It is recommended to run the partnership for a year when transferring assets from a partnership to a limited company without triggering a charge to Stamp Duty. This process is opposed to forming and liquidating within a few weeks, which is an approach adopted by a number of advisers, before incorporating.



Professional Landlord Planning Summary

Professional landlord planning makes it possible for the client's portfolio to be free of Inheritance Tax in three years; without triggering any charges to Stamp Duty or Capital Gains Tax and without having to remortgage. Furthermore, mortgage interest relief can be claimed against Corporation Tax. The process takes three years.

Cost of professional landlord planning

We confirm costs in our free feasibility report. We cannot give an accurate figure without a full appraisal of an individual's circumstances.

For more information or to book your consultation, please contact us on 26 600780.


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